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Date: 8th – 11th January, 2019


Venue: University of Jena 

Großer Sitzungssaal (Raum 102) Rosensäle

Fürstengraben 27


Host: Martine Robbeets & eurasia3angle team


Assistance: Alisa Zakharchenko


Registration: Our seminar room has only a limited capacity. If you want to attend the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact Alisa Zakharchenko for free registration.


Concept: Interdisciplinary conference in "Tandem style". We invited 6 geneticists, 6 linguists and 6 archaeologists, but only on condition that they could partner with at least one co-presenter from outside their own discipline. As a result, all presentations will be truely "interdisciplinary" in the sense that they integrate different disciplines in a single paper.


Poster: Transeurasian Conference A1

Transeurasian millets and beans, languages and genes

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